Something very
exciting is happening
at our Coffs Harbour

Our multi-million dollar allied health building

Work has begun on our new multi-million dollar allied health building, with the first students expected to walk through the doors in late 2019.

A state-of-the-art facility for a new generation

This state-of-the-art facility incorporates multi-purpose teaching and research spaces and a range of high-tech laboratories. A new generation of occupational therapists, exercise scientists, health practitioners and community workers can now undertake their professional training in Coffs Harbour.

The inspiration for the new allied health building at our Coffs Harbour campus comes from the biomechanics of movement.

A gateway for health studies

The new allied health building is located at the front of the campus on Hogbin Drive. It will enable future stages to develop as demand requires, establishing a health precinct at the front-door of the campus that will attract community users as well as respond to the University’s requirements.

Biomechanics meets solar screening

The dynamic facade of the building is a reference to biomechanical movement and functions as an efficient solar screen. The design incorporates links to the adjacent wetland of the Coffs Harbour campus, the Indigenous heritage of the region, and the significance of the building site as a gateway at the front of the campus.

Designed for education

The building program incorporates multi-purpose teaching and research spaces, and breakout collaboration spaces. An integrated running track commences externally and then continues through the building, enabling the study of biomechanical movement. An external, shaded seating area encourages informal peer-to-peer collaboration.

A sensitive design approach

The internal and external building program integrates a sensitive design approach. An external yarning circle is inserted into an Indigenous-inspired landscaped area.